Cromakey-Oil Color

Cromakey-Oil Color

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Cromakey-Oil is the high-tech oil coloring system which becomes a cationic gel when mixed with the Cromakey-In Activator. The formula, that contains no ammonia, colors and lightens by up to 4 tones with extraordinary gentleness, protecting the hair’s health and balance.  

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Using the revolutionary oil-powered Cromakey-Oil hair color always feels like a new sensorial experience, both for hair stylists and their clients. This ammonia-free oil-based formula contains 98% pure essential micro-pigments and provides a vivid, long-lasting color. It restores hair and ensures 100% gray hair coverage. Ideal for both men and women, this hi-tech oil formula delivers the intense color you have been trying to achieve for a long time. Meant to pamper your clients.


  • Mix in a non-metallic container or shaker
  • For natural and fantasy shades: 75ml Cromakey-Oil with 75ml Cromakey-In Activator, based on a dilution ratio of 1:1
  • For the lightening line: 75ml Cromakey-In + 115 ml Cromakey-In Activator, based on a dilution ratio of 1:1,5
  • Mix thoroughly until the blend has a jelly-like consistency. Apply to dry, unwashed hair

For Activator Volumes and waiting time, refer to the table below:

  • Tone on tone coloration: 6 Vol. 30 minutes
  • Coverage and tone on tone or darker tones: 10 Vol. 35 minutes
  • Coverage and lightening by 1-2 levels: 20 Vol. 40 minutes
  • Coverage and lightening by 2-3 levels: 30 Vol. 45 minutes
  • Coverage and lightening by 3/4 levels:: 40 Vol. 50 minutes


  • Ideal for both men and women
  • 100% gray hair coverage and can lighten up to 4 levels
  • Easy and quick application leaving the hair glossy and silky
  • Colors look natural and do not change in time
  • Contains 98% pure essential micro-pigments which guarantee shiny, rich colors
  • Ammonia-free oil formula which respects the health of the hairdresser and the client
  • Becomes a cationic gel when mixed with a Cromakey-In Activator allowing hair to soak in color
  • Deep penetration of pigments for a long-lasting, intense and 30% more uniform color

Properties of Active Ingredients:

  • Water-soluble Panthenol (moisturizing, conditioning effect, hair is protected from UV rays, has more bounce, feels silkier and looks shinier)
  • Orange extract (combats free radicals, has a soothing, revitalizing and anti-inflammatory action, protects the scalp against redness and irritation)
  • Oleic Acid (protects hair and scalp during the coloration process, leaves hair moisturized and shiny, colored hair looks healthy and revitalized)
  • Polymers and fine waxes (leave hair softer, moisturised and stronger, color lasts longer)

Format: Box of 3 bottles of 75ml + 3 single-dose sachets of 5ml


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