Cromakey-In Multi Benefit

Cromakey-In Multi Benefit is our basic cream cosmetic hair color that produces colors of stunning intensity. With its innovative formula and the exclusive essential micropigments in its Intense Color System, it guarantees an amazingly bright, glowing and vibrant color that is also exceptionally long-lasting.

For Professional Use Only. Please contact us for purchases.

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Comakey-In Multi Benefit, our innovative intense color system (where “In” stands for Intensity and Innovation) contains essential micro-pigments that guarantee a long-lasting, shiny and rich color, with up to 90% of color molecules penetrating the hair fibre. With active ingredients like Panthenol, orange extract, Oleic Acid and latest generation polymers, this scalp-friendly cosmetic cream provides intense, permanent color coverage leaving hair healthier and stronger than ever. Your clients will return for more.


  • In a non-metallic container, mix 50 ml of Cromakey-In with 75 ml of Cromakey-In Activator based on a dilution ratio of 1:1,5
  • For the lightening line: 50 ml Cromakey-In 100 ml Cromakey-In Activator, based on a dilution ratio of 1:2
  • Apply on dry, unwashed hair

For Activator Volumes and waiting time, refer to the table below:

  • Tone on tone coloration: 6 Vol. 30 minutes
  • Coverage and tone on tone or darker shades: 10 Vol. 35 minutes
  • Coverage and lightening by 1 level: 20 Vol. 40 minutes
  • Coverage and lightening by 2 levels: 30 Vol. 45 minutes
  • Coverage and lightening by 3 levels: 40 Vol. 50 minutes


  • 100% gray hair coverage
  • Leaves hair feeling strong, glossy and healthy
  • Pleasant scent: top notes (fresh citrus), heart notes (floral-fruity), base notes (musk)
  • Enriched with next-generation essential micro-pigments for a more vibrant and longer-lasting color (up to 90% of the pigments are released into the hair compared to only 60% in traditional colors)

Properties of Active Ingredients:

  • Water-soluble Panthenol (moisturizing, conditioning effect, hair is protected from UV rays, has more bounce, feels silkier and looks shinier)
  • Orange extract (combats free radicals, has a soothing, revitalizing and anti-inflammatory action, protects the scalp against redness and irritation)
  • Oleic Acid (protects hair and scalp during the coloration process, leaves hair moisturized and shiny, colored hair looks healthy and revitalized)
  • Polymers and fine waxes (leave hair softer, moisturised and stronger, color lasts longer)

Format: 100 ml (3.38 oz.) tube