Hulahoop Water Wax


Hulahoop Water Wax is a non-greasy water-based wax. It defines and separates locks to create a strong effect. It has a pleasant citrus fragrance and is the ideal finishing product for a decisive style and contains sunscreen

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Are you a control maniac? Then you definitely need Hulahoop Water Wax to help you keep your hair in place at all times! This revolutionary water-based wax is going to help you create any style you want, giving your hair incredible hold and unexpected versatility. It will seduce you with its fresh citrus scent while protecting your hair from the sun. What more can you wish for from your hair wax?


Rub tiny amounts of wax between palms to soften the product and apply to dry hair only.


  • Non-greasy water-based wax
  • Defines and separates locks to create a strong effect
  • Has a pleasant citrus fragrance
  • Ideal finishing product for a decisive style
  • Contains sunscreen
  • Hold level: 3
  • Suitable for women’s and men’s hairstyles
  • Provides flexible control and brilliant shine
  • Does not leave residue and is easy to wash

Format: 75 grams (2.64 oz.) jar

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Weight 2.64 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2.6 mm