Thermal Anti- Hair Loss Gift Box


Thermal Hairloss Prevention Shampoo and Lotion with Spa Water is a specific spa treatment for the wellbeing of weak hair with a tendency to fall out. It contains Spa Water, Vitamin B, ginseng, burdock, and grape, thyme and rosemary extracts. With Thermal Hairloss Prevention Shampoo, the hair regains vigor and healthy, strong growth is restored.

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Hair loss is more common than you imagine, and it really can happen to anyone. If you, or someone you care about, are dealing with this stressful issue, look no further than Emsibeth’s Thermal Anti-Hair Loss Gift Box.

It contains the Thermal Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo which is complemented by the targeted Thermal Hair Loss Prevention Lotion; together, they have one precise mission: combating hair loss by strengthening weak hair and aiding growth.

Enriched with precious ingredients, such as Spa water, Vitamin B, ginseng, herbs and the innovative Trichogenic Complex meant to improve cellular metabolism, soothe the scalp and stimulate keratin cells, this power couple will be in charge with the wellbeing of your strands. Winner.