Thermal Destress Gift Box


Thermal Shampoo Destressante is a specific spa treatment for moisturizing and conditioning stressed hair and scalp and Thermal Equilibrium Ph Balancer is a Spa water treatment which restores the scalp’s pH balance and reactivates its physiological defense mechanisms.

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Dry, dehydrated and stressed hair?  Say hello to the Thermal Destress Gift Box, a problem-solver for any hair type. Formulated with precious bioactive spa water, vitamins and moisturizing ingredients, the Thermal De-Stress Shampoo and the pH Balancer included in this must-have box, will feel like a power nap for a stressed, irritated and thinning mane.

Besides soothing itching and inflammation and restoring the scalp’s pH balance, this hard-working duo will prevent hair loss and will cleanse in depth protecting the scalp and leaving hair soft and manageable.

It was about time for hair care that really delivers and is full of good-hair-day promises.