Thermal Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo


Thermal Hairloss Prevention Shampoo with Spa Water is a specific spa treatment for the wellbeing of weak hair with a tendency to fall out.  It contains Spa Water, Vitamin B, ginseng, burdock, and grape, thyme and rosemary extracts.  With Thermal Hairloss Prevention Shampoo, the hair regains vigor and healthy, strong growth is restored.

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If your hair is weak and has the tendency to break and fall out, don’t just worry about it, take action! Our Thermal Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo promotes healthy hair growth, adding considerable volume and shine to dull and lifeless hair. And that’s not just a promise!


Shake well before use to mix all active ingredients and thermal trace elements. Apply 10/15 ml of shampoo onto wet scalp and hair. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Repeat if needed.


  • In depth cleansing with total protection for the scalp
  • Invigorates the scalp to promote healthier hair
  • Reinvigorates hair, enabling a stronger, healthier growth
  • Promotes the wellbeing of weak hair with a tendency to fall out
  • Gentle yet in depth wash that respects the hair keratin and the dermal barrier
  • Moisturizes and strengthens hair from the roots without weighing hair down

Properties of Active Ingredients:

  • Contains Spa water, Vitamin B (promotes the integrity of the skin structure and hair follicles), ginseng (tones microcirculation), burdock (rebalances microbial flora), grape (reduces toxic levels of free-radicals, protects cellular activity), thyme and rosemary extract (aromatic, stimulating and antiseptic) enriched with “Trichogenic Complex” (stimulates cell activity, regulates sebaceous gland secretion)
  • Contains NO DEA, SLES, sulphates, parabens, mineral oil, paraffin

Format: 250 ml (8.45 oz.) and 1000 ml (33.80 oz.) bottles

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