Ultra-White Compact

Ultra-White Compact is an ultra-compact blue color neutralizing and hair bleaching powder. Its modulating ultra-compact powder is enriched with wheat proteins and provides unbeatable lightening, quickly and safely, without damaging the hair’s structure.

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Since they say blondes have more fun, we wanted to make sure their hair was healthy, too. Our Ultra-White Compact bleaching powder is a safe, dust-free product with quick results which lightens hair up to 9 levels. Ideal for every salon color neutralizing technique, this hair-friendly powder is enriched with keratin peptides and baobab oil to leave hair healthy, shiny and strong. Besides the wonderful coconut smell, the Ultra-White Compact offers perfect adherence and does not dry or swell hair. Amazing salon results for happy blonde strands.


In a non-metallic container, mix 50 grams of Ultra-White Compact with 100 grams White-White Strong Booster based on a dilution ratio of 1:2.

Waiting time: apply for 45-55 minutes according to the desired shade.


  • dust-free, ultra-compact powder bleach
  • lightens hair up to 9 levels
  • easy to use with safe and quick results
  • high adherence formula for precise applications
  • ensures the lightest shades of blonde
  • suitable for all color neutralizing techniques
  • ideal for intensive bleaching with excellent results
  • does not dry or swell the hair and leaves a pleasant coconut fragrance

Properties of Active Ingredients:

  • enriched with keratin peptides (protect the hair structure) and baobab oil (leaves hair soft, glossy and healthy)

Format: 500 gr (17.64 oz.) jar and 3000 gr (105.84 oz.) box