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    • Thermal pH BalancerNew
      0 out of 5

      Thermal pH Balancer

      0 out of 5

      Thermal Equilibrium Ph Balancer is a Spa water treatment which restores the scalp’s pH balance and reactivates its physiological defence mechanisms.  It is ideal for soothing itching, inflammation and redness.  It neutralizes problems such as dandruff, excess sebum and hyperhidrosis.  It contains Spa Water and Lavender, Camomile, Nettle, Birch and Rosemary extracts to soothe without oiliness.  It can also be used on the skin of the face and body as a soothing, refreshing toner.

    • Thermal De-Stress ShampooNew
      0 out of 5

      Thermal De-Stress Shampoo

      0 out of 5

      Thermal Shampoo Destressante is a specific spa treatment for moisturizing and conditioning stressed hair and scalp.  Containing Spa Water, SLES-FREE gentle cleansers, Green Tea Extract and a combination of Vitamins (E-F-PP-B5), it stimulates the microcirculation of the scalp for better oxygenation.  It leaves the hair soft and protected against free radicals.

    • Ultra-White CompactNew
      0 out of 5

      Ultra-White Compact

      0 out of 5

      Ultra-White Compact is an ultra-compact blue color neutralizing and hair bleaching powder. Its modulating ultra-compact powder is enriched with wheat proteins and provides unbeatable lightening, quickly and safely, without damaging the hair’s structure.

      For Professional Use Only. Please contact us for purchases.

    • Whim Color ConditionerNew
      0 out of 5

      Whim Color Conditioner

      0 out of 5

      WHIM Color Conditioner is a conditioning, nourishing and revitalizing treatment that gives added brightness and intensity to the shades of natural and colored hair. It leaves the hair shiny and soft, restoring the vibrancy and glow of its color. Easy to use, it is the ideal product for: revitalizing color between dyeing sessions, correcting and/or enhancing a highlight and/or streaks, giving added glossy tints to undyed hair as well as moisturizing and nourishing dull and tired hair.

    • Thermal ColorNew
      0 out of 5

      Thermal Color

      0 out of 5

      Thermal Color is a revolutionary cream-gel hair color that contains Spa Water and free from p-phenylenediamine and resorcinol. The Spa Water in its formula gives the Thermal Color a great range of hair colors with high cosmetic values and excellent results.

      For Professional Use Only. Please contact us for purchases.

    • New
      0 out of 5

      Keyliss Anti-Frizz Hairspray

      0 out of 5

      Keyliss Hairspray Anti-Frizz special anti-frizz formula containing new-generation moisture-barrier resins with memory effect to hold smooth styles in place for longer. With ultra-fine diffusion, it is non-sticky and dries fast. Contains UV-A and B solar filters.

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