You have probably found your dream face serum already and love the extra glow your skin gets from it. But have you ever looked into a serum for your precious hair?  

Your strands deserve some extra TLC, too, you know.

If you are feeling a bit stumped right now, or not exactly sure why you need a hair protein serum in your bathroom cabinet, keep reading. We have rounded up four sure signs that your mane needs some love in a bottle pronto.

1. Your Colored Hair Has Lost Its Original Texture
We do understand why you love coloring your hair on a regular basis however, you should keep in mind that color tends to change hair texture on the long run (hello dullness and split ends!), especially if you undergo this process more often than not. Tell your hair colorist you’ve done your homework and ask for a protein treatment before applying color. This step will turn your hair into a healthy canvas for your color maintaining your strands stronger throughout every chemical process.

For long-lasting results, follow up with a protein serum in the comfort of your own home, but make sure you choose one that is formulated to enhance colored hair.

2. Your Hairstylist Says You’ve Got High Porosity Hair
No need to panic. This is not as terrible as it may sound, but it is a sure sign that you need to act fast.  Hair porosity means that hair cuticles are highly raised or chipped leading your hair to lose moisture as quickly as it absorbs it, getting easily tangled, and breaking frequently.

Protein serums fill in the tiny holes in the hair shaft giving hair an incredible strength boost. Incorporating such treatment in your hair care regimen will nourish, protect, and help your hair grow stronger.

3. Your Hair Seems to Have Lost Its Elasticity
First of all, you should know that this happens to everyone at some point in life. Elasticity is lost due to chemical damage caused by relaxers, highlights, dyes and perms, heat damage produced by the sun, blow dryers, and curling irons, or simply age.

If you have already noticed that your hair is tough to curl, or has lost its natural curl, it’s a sign it needs a protein boost. To take the elasticity test, wet a strand of hair and stretch it. If you are lucky, the hair will bounce back to its original length without breaking (which means your hair’s elasticity is good). If, however, that strand decides not to spring back to its original shape, there is no doubt about it: your mane desperately needs a protein serum to boost its elasticity, make it bouncier, more manageable, and way easier to style.

4. Your Hair is Frizzy
Frizzy hair is hard to love. It’s not smooth, it’s not wavy. However you put it, it just isn’t sexy, plus it makes you dread rain, sweat or humidity, which is a bummer. Besides finding the right shampoo and conditioner, your hair will actually benefit from a protein-infused serum that keeps frizz in check creating shine and a smooth texture.

Emsibeth’s Colordefend Protein Serum works as a no-rinse, post-color conditioner. It helps color adherence giving elasticity and shine and leaving hair soft and easy to comb. Moreover, it acts as an antistatic and shields against the harmful sun thanks to its UV filter. Use it after every color service and/or as a no-rinse conditioner for all types of colored hair.

We promise love at first application.



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