Emsibeth Cosmetics Spa was born in Verona, Italy on October 25th 2001 as a group of cosmetics professionals with vast experience in the trichology and styling sectors sought to establish a new and innovative approach to hair care.


Emsibeth USA, the sole distributor of Emsibeth Cosmetics Spa products in the United States is committed to offering a program full of ideas and a modern, innovative business proposition to stylists who are staunch believers in high quality. With Emsibeth Cosmetics, salons once again become the focal point in the search for new ways to develop, achieve greater image, visibility and expansion. Our goal is to produce wellbeing through innovative hair solutions.


Emsibeth’s dynamic and innovative approach is geared towards addressing market needs by anticipating the latest trends. In an increasingly active market it proposes itself as an alternative brand to become the new partner for the salon. Emsibeth Cosmetics offers the salon everything it needs to become more professional, to attract more clients and to achieve greater success:


  • Professional hair products of high quality and innovative technology
  • Management programs, marketing and advertising support
  • Technical training programs and modern styles seminars


For Emsibeth, listening to the needs of its clients is pivotal, as is offering solutions with readiness, dedication, conviction, enthusiasm, transparency and sensitivity. Our objectives are your objectives, and through clear, coherent marketing strategy and determination we shall help you achieve greater results.



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