If you happen to know anyone with annoyingly flawless skin who speaks with a French accent and claims her ride-or-die beauty secrets are lemon water and lots of yoga, she is probably just stocking up on micellar water.

Invented in France in the mid 90’s as a fancy alternative to traditional facial cleansers, the Eau Micellaire (original French name) was supposed to help Parisian ladies avoid washing their faces with soap and tap water, which is notoriously hard.

A micellar cleanser may look like water, but it actually is more than just that. It is a mix of purified water, hydrating elements (e.g. glycerin) and mild surfactants with a very low concentration. The molecules of these surfactants group together, forming teeny-tiny spheres called micelles that love both water and oil attracting dirt, makeup and oils like a magnet.

The great news about micellar water, unlike foamy washes, is that it is alcohol-free and is extremely gentle to the skin, especially for the dry and very sensitive types. Unlike a regular soap and water wash, this lovable cleanser will not strip skin of its oils, and will not leave it dehydrated and possibly irritated.

Super-easy to use, just squirt a generous amount onto a cotton ball and wipe it over face and neck. Bonus: rinsing is not necessary, which means that your face will absorb lots of moisturizing ingredients.  

Nowadays, micellar water has become every makeup-artist’s staple as it removes makeup without leaving oil behind like most cleansers or face wipes do.

We are particularly proud of our very own Emsibeth Thermal Micellar Water, a 3-in-1 cleansing hero that removes makeup, cleanses and tones with one swipe. Infused with remineralizing thermal water, hydrolyzed rice proteins, soothing Aloe Vera, detoxifying plankton extract and a natural moisturizing factor, this gentle formula leaves skin fresh, revitalized and plump without altering its pH. It is also alcohol and paraben-free, and… quite addictive, if you ask us.

So yes, micellar cleansers are truly a godsend for everyone who cares about what they put on their skin. If you feel like stepping up your skincare game, adding micellar water is a smart idea. You will end up wondering how you managed without it for so long.  




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