Light Booster

Light Booster is a gentle lightening accelerator specifically formulated to work with Extra-White and Ultra-White Compact.

For Professional Use Only. Please contact us for purchases.

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The White-White Light Booster is a gentle lightening accelerator that activates the power of White-White Compact and Extra-White Compact bleach powders lightening hair up to 4 levels. The leave-in time for color neutralization and subtle highlights is considerably reduced and the final result is a bright, uniform color while hair stays protected and safe.


In a non-metallic container, mix 50 grams of Extra-White Compact/Ultra-White Compact with 100 grams of Light Booster based on a dilution ratio of 1:2.


  • lightens hair up to 4 levels, 30% more than normal developers with uniform result
  • decreases waiting time for light bleach and highlights (even with aluminium foil)
  • activates the lightening power of the ultra-compact bleach powders
  • when mixed with bleach powder it creates a smooth cream that adheres well to hair
  • created with maximum respect for hair and scalp
  • enriched with highly protective fine waxes
  • no-drip formula, does not dry or swell hair

Format: 1000 ml (33.80 oz.) bottle