It’s not only cocktails, breezy dresses and beach flirting we love about summer. This fabulous season is a great reason to flaunt your tresses, the sassiest way to accessorize your summer looks. However, this is also the season when sun, salt seawater and pool chlorine can cause damage to your crowning glory. Best is to follow our 10 summer hair tips (no, they are not optional!) and enjoy all the compliments you can get!

  1. Washing your hair on a daily basis will strip your tresses of their natural oils making ends dry. If you want hair that smiles back at you, try washing it at least every two days.

  2. Make sure you don’t wash your mane with hot water. It will damage both scalp and hair, which makes warm water your only choice. Bonus summer hair tip: always rinse with cold water.

  3. Women looove hair styling tools, but sometimes they use them on the highest temperature setting making them as dangerous as hot lava. We won’t say no to a flat or curling iron, or a professional hair dryer, but please don’t forget to spritz a good hair protectant onto your strands before starting to use them. Your mane will thank you endlessly.

  4. Your skin is not the only one that desperately needs sun protection. Hair benefits from it as well, so make sure you spray it with a hydrating SPF leave-in treatment to create a shield against sunlight (this is actually one of the summer hair care tips we cherish the most).

  5. Summer is the best time to get creative. Wrap your hair in a colorful scarf, or cover your head with a wide brimmed hat – apart from getting an instant St Tropez touch, you will keep hair and scalp protected. A summer hair tip that every chic lady will appreciate.

  6. No matter how much you love long hair, you need to compromise a little every six to eight weeks and get a trim. This might not be your favorite summer hair care tip but, to be honest, there is nothing sexy about dull looking hair or split ends. Chopping an inch to have healthy looking hair will be totally worth it.

  7. Try to limit as much as possible the use of hair products containing alcohol. This ingredient tends to dry anything it touches, so go for alcohol-free stuff that will allow your mane to stay soft and silky.

  8. One of the best summer hair tips a swimmer will ever get is to soak hair in clean water before diving into a chlorinated pool. This trick prevents hair from absorbing too much chlorine.

  9. Once you finish swimming, wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of chlorine or salt.

  10. Last but not least on our list of summer hair care tips are the bun and the ponytail – the perfect summer hair styles that will keep hair away from direct sunlight preventing color from fading and hair from matting.

Hoping you will follow all our summer hair tips, here’s to a bubbly summer and show-stopping hair!



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