In today’s age of advancement the markets are always flooded with the a new range of beauty and hair products. Hair conditioner is one of the recent additions to the standard hair product range to hit the market. It is certainly one of those surprise packages as its quality and effects have shown drastic improvements since its introduction and eventually now has become an integral part for a majority of women and many men, too. It has been reported to greatly strengthen and protect the hair irrespective of the hair type and also leaving the hair lot softer, shinier than before.

As a matter of fact the modern breed of hair conditioners is manufactured precisely to increase the feeling of lightness, soften the hair.

Then of course the way in which the conditioner is applied and factors like the length of your hair is also pivotal in achieving best results. But, despite all this there are numerous myths and half truths which prevail thereby making people dubious and reluctant to use conditioner. So let’s review the most common myths related to the conditioning of hair:

Hair feels greasy after conditioning: As long as we apply the product correctly right from mid-way down the shaft without over-moisturizing the unwanted areas of hair.

Conditioning leads to flat hair: Just ensure to use the right kind of a conditioner for the desired effects. You should diligently choose among a huge range of products in the market in accordance to your hair needs.

Conditioner is only applicable for damaged hair: Conditioner does possess a restorative function implying that it should be used on colored and damaged hair. Besides it also constitutes of the preventive qualities as it acts as a shield against external factors (like weather, hair dryer).

Conditioner robs the hair shine away: The conditioner, after the right application, often closes the hair cuticle and makes it a lot smoother. This makes the surface appear sleeker and more reflective.



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