What would you say a blonde’s best-kept secret is (in terms of haircare, of course)? 

We were a tad curious, so we popped the question to a good number of femmes fatales with both colored and naturally blonde tresses. We gathered quite a few interesting answers, but the most common one was: a correcting shampoo. 

Scroll down to find out what the hype around the purple shampoo is.  You might want to give it a thought if you are a fair mermaid. 


What exactly is a purple shampoo?

It’s all in the name. A purple or anti-yellow shampoo is especially formulated to treat color fading and dullness, making sure blonde-colored/naturally fair hair stays glossy and bright, and does not acquire undesired yellow tones. Enriched with special pigments, it acts as a neutralizer eliminating brassy reflexes that may be caused by anything from hard water, to sun, to heavy styling. 

Who should use purple shampoo?

Any woman with naturally blonde and silver strands, but also anyone who colors and bleaches their hair. After spending lots of time and cash to get that perfect shade of platinum blonde, the faintest sight of brassiness will make any effort feel totally wasted, and that is when women normally start looking for a quick solution to repair and preserve their fabulous color. 

Why should anyone invest in a purple shampoo?

For those of you who are not exactly planning to visit the hairdresser every 4-6 weeks (ideal for your hair color, but not so much for the pocket), investing in a purple shampoo to preserve salon work at home is the right thing to do. Use it regularly in the comfort of your own home to make the most of your blonde locks, and prevent color fade and damage in between salon visits.

What makes Emsibeth’s Purple Shampoo special?

Any woman loves the idea of preserving her salon style without wasting unnecessary time or committing too much, and this is exactly why Emsibeth’s Purple Shampoo is becoming so increasingly popular: it delivers excellent results with minimal effort (just use it in lieu of your regular shampoo), it protects and revitalizes hair thanks to its formula enriched with Limnanthes Alba seed oil and wheat proteins, tones, nourishes and strengthens bleached and naturally gray hair, neutralizing unwanted brassy tones on colored or white hair, at the same time. 

What’s there not to love?



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